Venusian Glider

The glider is designed to survive for many hours in Venus’s unbreathable atmosphere. Tall and thin, with long, strong limbs and a lightweight build, this morph also features gliding membranes that allow it to soar through the upper Venusian atmosphere. It can even gain altitude by riding thermals (which it can see using its enhanced vision). Once Venusian terraforming efforts are complete, an upgraded version of this morph will be able to breathe normally.


Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack

Attribute Modifier

ST-2 [-20]; DX+1 20.


Clinging (Accessibility, Only in 0.2 G or less, -40%) 12; Extra Arms (two, Foot Manipulators -30%, Short -50%) 4; Doesn’t Breathe (Oxygen Storage, x100, -30%) 14; Radiation Tolerance 2 5; Flight (Requires Low Gravity, 0.3G, -35%; Temporary Disadvantage, No Fine Manipulators, -30%; Controlled Gliding -45%; Winged, -25%) 4; Filter Lungs 5; Infravision 10.


No Degeneration in Zero-G 1.


Skinny [-5]


Home gravity of 0.2 G; increase height by up to 3 feet over the norm for the lowered ST, but weight is 50% of normal.


50 CP. $86k.

Venusian Glider

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