Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter


Classification: Fighter (F)
Design Date: 22XX
Date of Original Manufacture: 22XX

This fighter was the primary aerospace fighter of humanity’s Defense Force until the decade before the launch of the Valor. In the 50 years since it began production it has moved from being classed as a Heavy Fighter (HF) to a medium Fighter (F).

It is laid out as a combined cockpit and drive unit, with four ion drive clusters along articulated wings. These drives would stay as a flat ‘single wing’ in an atmosphere and then deploy into an ‘X’ shape in space to provide a distribution of thrust.

It’s weaponry consists of a underslung particle cannon turret below the cockpit. Besides that it can mount missiles under the wings, though with these mounted it can’t fly in an atmosphere or move between atmosphere and space.


Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter

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