Synths are anthromorphic robotic shells (androids and gynoids)are typically beautiful, anatomically correct, and fully functional. Their lack of a pulse and inability to sweat, breathe, tan, bleed, or bruise can reveal their true nature, as will any medical or X-ray scan.

They are typically used for menial labor jobs where pods are not as good of an option. Cheaper than many other morphs, they are commonly used for people who need a morph quickly and cheaply or simply on a transient basis. Though they look humanoid, synths are easily recognizable as non-biological unless they have the synthetic mask option.


Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Mnemonic Augmentation

Attribute Modifiers

ST+2 20; HT+2 20.

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers

HP+3 6.


Absolute Direction (Requires Signal, -20%) 4; Damage Resistance 2 (Flexible, -20%) 8; Doesn’t Breathe 20; Handsome/Beautiful (Off-the-shelf looks, -50%) 6; Machine 25; Reduced Consumption 3 (Recharge/refuel once a week) 6; Telecommunication (Cable Jack; Sensie, +80%) 9; Telecommunication (Infrared Communication) 10; Telecommunication (Radio; Sensie, +80%) 18.


Accessory (Small or Compact Microframe Computer); Sanitized Metabolism 2.


Cybershell Body [-15]; Restricted Diet (Very Common, power cells) [-10].


Has a Neck Hit Location, but no special vulnerabilities there; Resembles a human until inspected closely (Prevents fully effective long-term disguise, but can still lead to a hostile reaction from people who find that they’ve been deceived, even accidentally) [-2].


Individuals of the same production run often resemble each other.


127 CP. $145k.


Clockwork Souls Custom

A cyberdoll custom designed by an artist.


Delete Off-The-Shelf Looks and the “often resemble each other” feature.


133 CP. $160k.

Infiltration Android

Deep Indigo is a secret combat model developed by Nanodynamics for the security agencies. It resembles a normal A-5/G-5 cyberdoll.


Increase HP to 8 16 and Damage Resistance to 10 (Flexible, -20%) 40, and add DX2 40, Per+3 15, Basic Speed+2.0 40, High Pain Threshold 10, Payload 1 1, Perfect Balance 15, and Protected Sense (Vision) 5.


295 CP. $578k.


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