Starship Deckhand

Every starship is a technological miracle, but even so it requires plenty of skilled labor to stay in operation. You are a “deckhand,” one of the general-service crewmen who keep any ship running. You perform routine maintenance, do damage control in battle, help handle freight, and assist passengers. You may not be high in the social hierarchy of merchant service, but you are still a necessary part of starship life.


ST 10 0; DX 11 20; IQ 12 40; HT 10 0.

Secondary Characteristics

Damage 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs.; HP 10 0; Will 12 0; Per 12 0; FP 10 0; Basic Speed 5.25 0; Basic Move 5 0.


A total of 30 points selected from 3D Spatial Sense 10, Combat Reflexes 15, Courtesy Rank [1/level], Cultural Familiarity [1 or 2], Fit [5 or 15], G-Experience [variable], Improved G-Tolerance [5 or 10], Intuitive Admiral [10/level], Languages [variable], Mathematical Ability [10/level], Merchant Rank [5/level] or Military Rank [5/level], positive Reputation [variable], above-average Status [5/level], Voice 10, or above-average Wealth [variable].


A total of -30 points selected from Chummy [-5 or -10], Code of Honor (Professional) [-5], Curious [-5*], Duty [variable], Enemy (Military or commercial rival) [variable], Fanaticism (Patriot) [-15], Flashbacks [variable], Greed [-15*], Honesty [-10*], Intolerance [variable], Jealousy [-10], Lecherousness [-15*], Miserliness [-10*], Nightmares [-5*], No Sense of Humor [-10], Overconfidence [-5*], Sense of Duty [-2 to -20], Squeamish [-10*], Stubbornness [-5*], Trickster [-15*], Unluckiness [-10], Workaholic [-5], or Xenophilia [-10*].

Primary Skills

Spacer (E) IQ+2 4-14.

Secondary Skills

Free Fall (A) DX 2-11; Savoir-Faire (Merchant or Military) (E) IQ+1 2-13; Vacc Suit (A) DX 2-11; and any three of Brawling, Gunnery (any), or Guns (any), all (E) DX+1 2-12, First Aid or Housekeeping, both (E) IQ+1 2-13, Piloting (Aerospace) or Piloting (High Performance Spacecraft), both (A) DX 2-11, Computer Operation or Savoir-Faire (Servant), both (E) IQ+1 2-13, or Cooking, Electronics Operation (Communications), Electronics Operation (Sensors), or Freight Handling, all (A) IQ 2-12.

Background Skills

Administration (A) IQ-1 1-11; Carousing (E) HT 1-10; and two extra points in primary or secondary skills.


80 CP.

Starship Deckhand

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