Space Armor

When you need the best personal protection available in space you chose Space Armor. These enclosed suits of rigid combat armor are designed to resist ultra-tech rifle fire as well as explosive and biochemical munitions. Thanks to advances in micro-climate control systems and power supplies, they are comfortable to wear, but more expensive than flexible armor.

This complete suit of articulated and pressurized plate armor enables its wearer to operate in almost any environment. The suit includes biomedical sensors and a climate control system. It is sealed if worn with a space helmet (below), providing climate control (-459° F to 250°F), pressure support (10 atm.), radiation protection (PF 10) and vacuum support. Each suit has a split DR: use its higher DR for attacks to the torso, and its lower DR for attacks to other areas.

They are usually only issued to space marines or special hostage rescue groups. Other space crews may also suit up before entering a battle or visiting a hostile environment, and engineering crews may wear it for dangerous damage control tasks – the suit provides good protection against radiation and explosions.

Armor Type Location DR Cost Weight
Space Armor all 75/45 $20,000 45

Space Armor

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