Slitheroid bots are synthetic shells taking the form of a 2-meter-long segmented metallic snake, with two retractable arms for tool use. Snake bots can coil, twist, and roll their bodies into a ball or hoop, moving either by slithering, burrowing, rolling, or pulling themselves along by their arms. The sensor suite and control computer are housed in the head.


Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Enhanced Vision, Mnemonic Augmentation

Attribute Modifiers

DX+3 60; HT+2 20.

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers

Per+1 5.


Absolute Direction 5; Damage Resistance 12 (Can’t Wear Armor, -40%) 36; Doesn’t Breathe 20; Double-Jointed 15; Enhanced Move (Ground) 1.5 (Takes one second to become hoop or turn back, -5%; Temporary Disadvantage, One Arm becomes No Manipulators, -30%) 20; Infravision 10; Machine 25; Pressure Support 2 10; Reduced Consumption 3 (Recharge/refuel once a week) 6; Sealed 15; Telecommunication (Cable Jack; Video, +40%) 7; Telecommunication (Laser Communication) 15; Telecommunication (Radio; Video, +40%) 14; Temperature Tolerance 5 5; Tunneling (Move 1; Loose soil only, -50%) 18; Vacuum Support 5.


Accessory (Small Computer) 1.


Cybershell Body [-15]; Invertebrate [-20]; Maintenance (Electronics Repair and Mechanic skills, 2 people, Monthly) [-4]; No Legs (Slithers/Rolls) 0; One Arm [-20]; Restricted Diet (Very Common, power cells) [-10].


Individuals of the same model closely resemble each other.


243 CP. $87k.


Combat Naga


Change Damage Resistance to Damage Resistance 25 (Laminate, 10%; Can’t Wear Armor, -40%) 88, add Chameleon 2 (Extended, Infrared, +20%) 12, Extra Arm (Weapon Mount, -80%) 2, High Pain Threshold 10, Resistant to Electrical Pulses and Surges (3) 1, Perk (IFF transponder) 1, and Social Stigma (Monster) [-15]. The Combat Naga typically carries a 10mm PDW or a police armgun; one of these is included in the cash price.


306 CP. $160k.


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