Ship Down!

Basic Assumptions

This module is designed for 4 to 8 characters. The character group should include at least one combat morph, at least one character with medical skills, and at least one character with environmental skills. In addition, the party will find it wise to have some electronics or mechanical repair skills. They may also want to spend most of their money on items other than weapons when they start the adventure. (All weapons will be destroyed early in the adventure.)

Vision and Movement

On Volturnus, the distance to the horizon is 1 hex (1 hex = 8 km). This means characters can see into the next hex if their line of sight is not blocked. Note, however, characters cannot identify any objects smaller than a mountain unless in the same hex as that object.

Characters may see farther than 1 hex only when standing in a hex with a high elevation point and an unobstructed view. When this is the case, they can see up to 2 hexes, but cannot identify any objects unless in the same hex as that object.

Terrain Type Sight in Hexes Move per Hour
Alien Fungus 1 .8 km
Bachanda Trees 0 .8 km
Burning Land 1 .4 km
Caverns+ 0 .8 km+
Cliffs 0 .4 km
Crystal Mountains 1 .8 km
Desert 1 1.6 km
Dry Canal 1 3.2 km
Fertile Area 1 3.2 km
Hills 1 2.4 km
Lake++ 1 .8 km
Lava Beds 1 .4 km
Meteor Crater 1 1.6 km
Mist Mountains 0 .8 km
Rocky Barrens 1 1.6 km
Roller Path+++ 1+++ 2.4 km
Ruins 1 2.4 km
Salt Flat 1 1.6 km
Sea++ 1 .8 km
Shard Plains+++ 1+++ .4 km
Tectonic Area 1 .8 km

In this module, assume characters can find all the food and water they need, unless there is reason to assume otherwise. The characters may have trouble finding food and water under any number of circumstances, such as travelling in the desert where no water and little food is available. Circumstances that make it difficult to obtain food and water will be specified in this module.

Random Encounters

Ship Down! utilizes two types of encounters, random encounters and planned encounters. Random encounters furnish an element of chance and a feeling of surprise to the adventure. They occur any time, any place within an encounter section.

When random encounters occur, use the random encounter list at the beginning of each section to determine the result. Some lists, however, are arranged in order, so particular encounters occur before others.

Volturnus Planetary Data
Character Background Report
Volturnian Bestiary
Volturnian Maps

Ship Down!

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