The remade are completely redesigned humans: humans 2.0. This Biotech Euphrates “ideal” parahuman is designed for high intelligence and lengthened lifespan. Their cardiovascular systems are stronger, the digestive tract has been sanitized and restructured to eliminate flaws, and they have otherwise been optimized for good health, smarts, and longevity with numerous transgenic mods. The remade are popular with the ultimates faction. The remade look close to human, but are different in very noticeable and sometimes eerie ways: taller, lack of hair, slightly larger craniums, wider eyes, smaller noses, smaller teeth, and elongated digits. Currently, 11 million exist with many licensed or reverse-engineered variations.


Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Circadian Regulation, Clean Metabolism, Cortical Stack, Eidetic Memory, Enhanced Respiration, Temperature Tolerance, Toxin Filters

Attribute Modifiers

DX+1 20; IQ+1 20; HT+1 10.


Attractive 4; Extended Lifespan 1 2; Less Sleep 1 2; Longevity 2; Rapid Healing 5; Immunity to Disease 10.


Reproductive Control; Sanitized Metabolism 2.


Early Maturation 1; No Appendix; Taboo Traits (Genetic Defects, Mental Instability).


77 CP. $150k.



Genehackers Inc. reverse-engineered the Ziusudra and made radical modifications to sleep-regulating structures in the brain, but seem to have compromised some of the parent design’s attributes.


Delete HT+1, Longevity, and Taboo Trait (Mental Instability); change Less Sleep 1 to Less Sleep 4 8.


71 CP. $145k.


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