Reflex Tactical Vest

This thick, sleeveless, jacket-like vest covers the torso and groin, with front and back pockets for inserting rigid ceramic or alloy plates.

A tactical vest is made of similar materials to concealable body armor, but is far heavier. It provides full protection against cutting and piercing damage, and reduced protection against all other attacks. Its trauma plates provide full protection against all damage types. It takes three seconds to insert or remove the plates.

These are used paired to ballistic armor, and worn over top as a jacket/vest. Just like the reflex ballistic armor going out of style, the reflex tactical vest has done the same. They are still in use though anywhere nanoweave isn’t available.

Armor Type Location DR Cost Weight
Reflex Tactical Vest torso, groin 18/7+ $900 9
trauma plates torso +34 +$600 9

Reflex Tactical Vest

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