Reflex Tactical Suit

These tactical suits are chemically-coated, contamination-proof coveralls made of flexible reflex ballistic fabric. They come with pockets, attachment points, and harnesses for weapons or gadgets. NBC Suit skill is used to get in or out of the suit quickly or gauge its state of repair, but a tactical suit does not limit DX. In fact the suit is very comfortable to wear, thanks to its internal microclimate control system and biomedical sensors.

The suit has a split DR: it provides full DR against cutting and piercing damage, and half DR against other damage types. With an air mask or combat infantry helmet, the suit is sealed and provides climate control (-40° F to 120°F).

Much like with ballistic armor the reflex version was once the mainstay of the combat troops, but has now fallen out of favor. They are used any time environmental conditions require better than ballistic armor.

Armor Type Location DR Cost Weight
Reflex Tacsuit all 20/10+ $3,000 15

It uses a C cell battery every 12 hours to provide power.

Reflex Tactical Suit

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