Nanoweave Ballistic Armor

This armor uses flexible materials to resist high velocity projectile attacks as well as cutting blows. These are the modern successor to bulletproof vest. On a practical level, ballistic armor’s major advance is that it can provide full protection for areas other than the torso without sacrificing mobility.

Ballistic armor is flexible with a split DR: it provides full protection against piercing and cutting attacks, and uses its reduced DR against all other types of damage. Since bullets are among the most effective ways to deal damage, ballistic armor is widespread.

This armor is similar to reflex armor, but is reinforced for extra strength by woven carbon nanotubes. Nanoweave armor can be fitted with various accessories, using “smart” properties that can be engineered into it.

It has replaced the venerable reflex ballistic armor for active military or police forces in the last decade. The weight stays the same as the previous generation of armor, but the protection offered increases.

Armor Location DR Cost Weight
Nanoweave Bodysuit body, limbs 18/6+ $900 6
Nanoweave Gloves hands 9/3+ $30 neg.
Nanoweave Jacket arms, torso 18/6+ $450 3
Nanoweave Suit all 18/6+ $1,200 8
Nanoweave Trousers groin, legs 18/6+ $280 2.8
Nanoweave Vest torso 18/6+ $300 2

Nanoweave Ballistic Armor

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