Mosquito Fighter


Classification: Fighter Gunboat (FGB)
Design Date: 2XXX
Date of Original Manufacture: 2XXX
Passengers: 1
Cargo: 2.5 cubic feet/50 lbs.

  • Control Response (Ag): 0
  • Sensors (per): 0
  • Frame (Str): 3
  • Multi-Task Systems (Act): 0
  • Weapon Systems (Ref): 0
  • Speed:
  • Acceleration: E (3/3)
  • Integrity: 24
  • Armor: 1/1
  • 2 pairs of linked Particle Cannons (M)
  • Corvette Class Weapons Pod

This is the largest fighter ever created by humanity, It’s compared to shuttles for pure mass and so became the first ‘gunboat’ designation. However they use it in a purely fighter style role so the designation became ‘FGB’ or ‘Fighter Gun Boat’. The designs multi-purpose pod is the key to this design and why it was made, Using the pod this fighter can mount Corvette size weapons on a fighter style frame. The downside is the number of shots that can be made is low before the pod needs to recharge. It’s also very fast compared to most fighters due to it’s engine output to mass ratio.

Typically it requires two crew to fly it: a pilot and a weapon master/navigator. It has large sub-light drives and an small experimental hyper-drive unit that can be fitted in place of a weapons pod which makes it unusual for a fighter. It’s design is a cockpit that connects into a large wing assembly with a weapon pod inset half-way in each side of the wing, below the cockpit is a large mutli-purpose pod that can be fitted for many different functions.

The wing pods mount paired particle cannons for a total of four. The multi-purpose pod can be fitted to launch missiles, hold a massive particle canon, a sensor suite, a breaching pod, or a jump drive.

Mosquito Fighter

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