Modern History

Two main events mark Modern history. The first is called the Genetics War or just ‘The War’. The Second is called ‘The Exodus’ or the ‘Great Exodus’.

The Genetics War


The Sol system had it’s greatest crisis when those ‘left behind’ in the cultural revolution of transhumanism decided to strike back. Acting as terrorists the various groups that later became ‘The Enemy’ struck. They used Biological, Nuclear, and Chemical weapons. The survivors of the attacks struck back and the world plunged into war. Those who could escape Earth went to the primitive Luna colonies and eventually spread around to all the established colonies (most prominently Mars).

The war eventually followed suit and sections of Luna and Mars in particular have the scars of that war on their surface. In the end the biologically conservative radicals were killed. Anyone remaining had more than their fill of death and destruction.

‘The Enemy’ consisted of a large number of variously titled groups with similar goals. Those goals being to return humanity to traditional paths and remove these ‘evil’ technologies allowing man to ‘play god’.

The Exodus

The remaining old religious believers and certain ethnic groups who couldn’t come to terms with the concepts of transhumanism after the War were pushed farther and farther out into the fringes. Eventually all those who could launched ships into the galaxy toward possible habitable worlds. Betting everything that they would fare better elsewhere. Several other fringe groups with ideas that varied from mainstream would do similar missions into space.

Technically even during the war some groups already fled, marking what could be called the beginning of the Exodus. The earliest proved a group of Islamic purists who didn’t want to kill people, but wanted to remain free to form their own communities with their own values. The second group was a gathering of African tribes who felt that their people were being marginalized in the modern world and gathered funds to create a ship.

All of these space missions ahd one major issue however: they were slow. FTL capable drives had not been created or even tested in the Genetics War era and only theories existed in the formal Exodus period. The first actual FTL capable ship is only a year old now and the Exodus period is a few decades back.

Also little known was the use of force to make certain groups leave. Battles occurred around strategic areas of the solar system when these ‘fringers’ held resources the Central Government or corporations wanted. Usually they were given a choice to leave or remain and face military force. The two decades of the Exodus period is marked by several skirmishes like this.

It is also rumored that renegade forces of "The Enemy’ fled the system near the end of the Genetics War. It is sometimes refereed to as the ‘Second Wave’. The ‘First Wave’ were the ships that left at the start of the war and the ‘Third Wave’ are the ships that left during the formal Exodus period. No one knows for sure if the rumors are true though. For now the ‘Renegade Fleets’ remain nothing more than a rumor and the formal history marks only First and Third Waves.

Modern History

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