Mentons are genetically modified to increase cognitive abilities, particularly learning ability, creativity, attentiveness, and memory. Rumors exist of super enhanced mentons with more extreme intelligence mods, but brain-hacking is notoriously difficult, and many attempts to redesign mental faculties result in impaired functioning, instability, or insanity. GenTech Pacifica’s Metanoia made careful use of gene sequences known to correlate with enhanced memory and concentration, and “Metas” now consistently score 10-20 points higher than baseline humans on the ASIT. The upgrade is increasingly popular, with 1.3 million alive today.


Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Eidetic Memory (NFI), Math Boost (NFI).

Attribute Modifiers

IQ+1 20; HT+1 10.


Longevity 2; Resistant to Disease (+8) 5; Versatile 5; and either Language Talent 10 or 10 points in any Talent.


Imaginative [-1].


Taboo Traits (Genetic Defects, Unattractiveness).


51 CP. $61k.


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