Martian Alpiner

Martian alpiner

Alpiners were a relatively common biomorph design on early frontier Mars, when temperatures and atmospheric pressure had not yet risen to present levels. Now they are found predominantly in the city of Olympus, where environmental conditions will always be incredibly harsh. Avid rock climbers and outdoor types also favor this morph, and in recent years it has enjoyed an unusual vogue among chic urbanites going for a rough-and-ready look without sleeving in the more de classe ruster morph.


Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Grip Pads

Attribute Modifiers

ST+1 10; DX+1 20; HT +1 10.


Low-Pressure Filter Lungs 5; Nictitating Membrane 1 1; Night Vision 3 3; Reduced Consumption (Water Only, -50%) 1 1; Reduced Consumption 4 (Cast-Iron Stomach, -50%) 4; Resistant to Poison (3) 5; Temperature Tolerance 5 (Comfort zone between 35°F and 140°F) 5; Absolute Direction 5; Acute Hearing +2 4; Acute Taste and Smell +3 6; Discriminatory Smell 15; Resistant to Disease (8) 5.


Light Sleeper [-5]; Self-Destruct [-10], Short Lifespan 2 [-20].


No Appendix; Taboo Traits (Genetic Defects, Mental Instability).


49 CP. $119k.

Martian Alpiner

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