Lunar Flyer

Lunar flyer morph

This morph is a version of the exalt morph that has been adapted to fly in Earth normal air pressure as long as the gravity is 0.2 g or less. Though this morph is available on other low-g worlds and habitats, it was developed for and is primarily found on Luna. This morph resembles a typical exalt morph, except that it is lightly built, has larger lungs, and has feathered wings with a wingspan of 3 meters. The wings come out of the back torso and leave the morph’s hands and wrists unhindered. The wings may also be folded behind the body.


Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack

Attribute Modifiers

ST|-2 [-20]; DX+1 20.


Acute Vision 2 4; Flight (Requires Low Gravity, 0.3G, -35%; Winged, -25%) 24; Doesn’t Breathe (Oxygen Storage, x100, -30%) 14; Sanitized Metabolism 1;


No Degeneration in Zero-G 1.


Skinny [-5]; Unnatural Features 1 [-1]


Home gravity of 0.2 G; increase height by up to 3 feet over the norm for the lowered ST, but weight is 50% of normal; No Appendix; Taboo Traits (Genetic Defects, Mental Instability).


38 CP. $91k.

Lunar Flyer

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