This small shape-shifting synthetic shell is capable of flight no matter the atmospheric environment — or lack thereof. Its default mode is turbofan-driven rotorcraft; its light weight allows it to fly and hover even in thin atmospheres and heavy gravities. In streamlined ionic mode, it can travel at high speeds and maneuver in hurricane-force winds. In vacuum, it can drive itself with thrust-vector nozzles. Sometimes called “multifliers,” kites are popular among gatecrashers and gatehoppers due to their adaptability and usefulness for aerial recon and surveys.


Access Jacks, Anti-Glare, Basic Mesh Inserts, Chemical Sniffer, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Direction Sense, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Vision, Lidar, Mnemonic Augmentation, Radar, Shape Adjusting, T-Ray Emitter

Mobility System (Movement Rate)

Ionic (12/40), Thrust Vector (8/40), Walker (2/8), Winged (8/32)



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