This transgenic combat bioroid resembles a lithe, anthropomorphic cat-person. These transgenic human upgrades feature genetics tailored for endurance, strength, and re exes, as well as behavioral modi cations for aggressiveness and cunning. To offset tendencies for unruliness and macho behavior patterns, furies feature gene sequences promoting pack mentalities and cooperation, and they tend to be biologically female.

Created by Biotech Euphrates for the eccentric leader of Brunei, and three time Kyoto Cup winners, their successful thwarting of a coup attempt by the leaders’ less eccentric sister resulted in other armed forces ordering them.

Today, many Felicias serve in military and security units (primarily in counterterrorist forces), or as bodyguards and bodyguard-courtesans. The Felicia has one unintended glitch: after an emergency-overdrive response, glandular imbalances sometimes result in mood swings and heightened appetites. This example is the last preban model, the AS-3J (later licensed as the C-33 Lynx).

Attribute Modifiers

ST -1 [ -10 ]; ST 4 (Costs 1 FP per second, -10%; Temporary Disadvantage (Gluttony (9), Impulsiveness (12), Lecherousness (9), see note), -39%) 21; DX3 60; HT+1 10.

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers

Basic Speed+1.00 (Costs 1 FP per second, -10%; Temporary Disadvantage (Gluttony (9), Impulsiveness (12), Lecherousness (9), see note), -39%) 11.


Acute Hearing 3 6; Acute Taste and Smell +2 4; Attractive 4; Catfall 10; Claws (Sharp Claws) 5; Combat Reflexes 15; Flexibility 5; Night Vision 5 5; Perfect Balance 15; Resistant to Disease (8) 5; Teeth (Sharp Teeth) 1.


Fur 1.


Bioroid Body [-4]; Extra Sleep 1 [-2]; Overconfidence (12) [-5].


Transgenic features (human-feline facial features, with human hair and a cat’s fur, claws, and tail).


157 CP. $220k.


Felicia II

The “postban” version. Most work as aerospace pilots, athletes, aerobics instructors, dancers, personal pilots, chauffeurs, etc.


Delete the limited extra ST and Basic Speed.


125 CP. $188k.


The Fury is a more human and less cat-like variant, though the difference is basically cosmetic.


Delete transgenic features, Claws, Teeth, and Fur.


149 CP. $205k.


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