SatelliteEarth was the primary battleground of Genetics War and even decades later still bares the scars. Even so life has gone on and with the help of the colonies and habitats things have improved significantly. Today Earth is split into three control regions, while technically each has an independent government these governments all fall under the Central Government. Recent times have also seen a growing desire to maintain the ecology of the planet which has suffered in the last several centuries. Another move has been to replace sprawling cities with arcologies, many cities having been reduced to ruins during the war.

Population: The population is considered to be around 5.5 billion people.

Earth Control Regions:

Fresh Kills

Essentially an armed-to-the-incisors scum barge, Fresh Kills is a salvage base near the edge of Earth’s L5 point. The base is built around a huge central docking spindle with moorings for small craft and habitat modules in the center, and massive weapons batteries at either tip. Scavengers can moor their own craft or, at considerable expense, egocast in, resleeve at the facility, and hire shuttles for excursions. The gun batteries are articulated such that any craft showing signs of trouble can be hastily jettisoned and destroyed. 2,000 transhumans live on Fresh Kills, although the population is transient and fluctuates a good deal.


Situated in a halo orbit at the Earth-Sun L1 point, Paradise was an exclusive spa and resort station for the ultra-rich before the War. In the wake of the War, Paradise fell on hard times, swarmed as it was with refugees and no longer an ideal vacation spot. Recently, however, Paradise fell back in favor with the inner system glitterati, who undertook measures to expel many of the lingering squatters and refurnish it as an elite social space. Recent rumors suggest the Consortium’s Hypercorp Council has used Paradise for important face-to-face meetings.

Vo Nguyen

The Reclaimers maintain this station in high geostationary orbit, monitoring Earth and making plans for potential geo-engineering efforts. Vo Nguyen is a small O’Neill cylinder hidden in a dangerous cloud of space junk and protected by swarms of killsats, gun emplacements, and drones. It is occasionally used as a jumping off point for secret surface expeditions.


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