Eagle Heavy Fighter


Classification: Heavy Fighter (HF)
Design Date: 2XXX
Date of Original Manufacture: 2XXX
Passengers: 1
Cargo: 2.5 cubic feet/50 lbs.

  • Control Response (Ag): 1
  • Sensors (per): o
  • Frame (Str): 3
  • Multi-Task Systems (Act): 0
  • Weapon Systems (Ref): 0
  • Speed:
  • Acceleration: D (3/2)
  • Integrity: 15
  • Armor: 1/1
  • Paired Linked Particle Cannons (M)
  • 4x Missile Racks (L)

This fighter is along the same lines as the much larger Misquito and the smaller Hawk Fighter, though it lacks the later designs folding wing design. It includes a nose mounted pair of particle cannons and instead of open missiles it can mount enclosed missile pods along it’s wings.

Eagle Heavy Fighter

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