You are a current or retired diplomat, whose career was built around smoothing over disputes between Terran factions (or between Terra and the Imperium). Of course, even if you are retired, nobody is quite willing to believe that you’re not still in the Great Game. You retain a variety of useful skills, and any adventuring party will likely be happy to have your help.


ST 10 0; DX 10 0; IQ 13 60; HT 10 0.

Secondary Characteristics

Damage 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs.; HP 10 0; Will 13 0; Per 13 0; FP 10 0; Basic Speed 5 0; Basic Move 5 0.


A total of 30 points selected from Administrative Rank [5/level], Allies [variable], positive Appearance [variable], Charisma [5/level], Claim to Hospitality (Embassies) [variable], Contact Group [variable], Contacts [variable], Cultural Adaptability [10 or 20], Cultural Familiarity [1 or 2], Empathy [5 or 15], Fashion Sense 5, Favor [variable], Honest Face 1, Language Talent 10, Languages [variable], Legal Immunity (Diplomatic) 20, Patron (Government) [variable], positive Reputation [variable], Security Clearance [variable], Social Chameleon 5, Smooth Operator [15/level], above-average Status [5/level], Voice 10, or above-average Wealth [variable].


A total of -30 points selected from Charitable [-15*], Chummy [-5 or -10], Combat Paralysis [-15], Cowardice [-10*], Duty [variable], Enemy (Enemy government) [variable], Fanaticism (Patriot) [-15], Fearfulness [-2/level], Gluttony [-5*], Low Pain Threshold [-10], Overconfidence [-5*], Pacifism [variable], Phobias [variable], Post-Combat Shakes [-5*], negative Reputation [variable], Secret [-5 to -30], Selfish [-5*], Selfless [-5*], Sense of Duty [-2 to -20], Squeamish [-10*], Stubbornness [-5*], Unfit [-5 or -15], Unluckiness [-10], Workaholic [-5], or Xenophilia [-10*].

Primary Skills

Diplomacy (H) IQ 4-13; Public Speaking (A) IQ+1 4-14; and Savoir-Faire (High Society) (E) IQ+2 4-15.

Secondary Skills

Administration (A) IQ 2-13; Current Events (any) (A) IQ 2-13; Politics (A) IQ 2-13; either Acting (A) IQ 2-13 or Fast-Talk (A) IQ 2-13; and any two of Economics, Finance, History, Intelligence Analysis, Law (any), Market Analysis, or Psychology, all (H) IQ-1 2-12.

Background Skills

Research (A) IQ-1 1-12; Writing (A) IQ-1 1-12; and four extra points in primary and secondary skills.


90 CP.


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