Combat Hardsuit

When you need the best personal protection available you chose a Combat Hardsuit. These enclosed suits of rigid combat armor are designed to resist ultra-tech rifle fire as well as explosive and biochemical munitions. Thanks to advances in micro-climate control systems and power supplies, they are comfortable to wear, but more expensive than flexible armor.

This is a sealed suit of combat armor designed for operations in a terrestrial environment. It is heaviest over the torso, but articulated plates and molded pieces also protect the rest of the body. An anti-radiation layer provides radiation PF 2.

It incorporates an inner garment including biomedical sensors, a waste relief system, and a microclimate control system. The back of the torso clamshells open so the user can step into the armor (it takes three seconds to step in or out). The helmet is not included. When worn with either a combat infantry helmet or space helmet the suit is sealed, with climate control (-140° F to 140°F) and radiation protection (PF 5). However a hardsuit isn’t pressurized and can’t operate in vacuum, but with air tanks and a mask or appropriate helmet, it can operate in areas with unbreathable or contaminated air.

They are not usually issued to regular infantry soldiers, however when operating in highthreat environments they may be issued. Otherwise SWAT or special combat units are the main users.

Armor Type Location DR Cost Weight
Combat Hardsuit all 75/45 $10,000 30

Combat Hardsuit

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