Bioplas armor

Bioplas is a strong, pseudo-alive smart matter material that is light and comfortable to wear. Flexible armored suits and clothing are made out of this material like other bioplastic equipment, can heal rips and tears if it has access to moisture and heat (such as sweat and body heat). Bioplas is also a popular material for swimwear and other sports clothing.

Bioplas is flexible armor with a split DR. Unlike ballistic body armor, bioplas provides its full DR against burning and piercing damage, but gets only one-third DR vs. other damage types. Thus, it’s very effective against a bullet or most energy beams, but not that much use against a powerful blow or a vat of acid.

Bioplas is becoming increasingly popular and fashionable. However availability is often lower than demand. It’s ability to be worn under other sorts of clothes is one of it’s best features. It also comes in transparent and translucent versions that adjust around the user’s body, and is almost invisible when worn.

Armor Type Location DR Cost Weight
Bioplas Bodysuit body, limbs 15/5+ $1,800 3
Bioplas Gloves hands 15/5+ $60 neg.
Bioplas Suit all 15/5+ $2,400 4

Bioplas armor

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