Aquanaut mark winters

Aquamorphs are environmentally adapted for underwater activities. They have seen a revival on exoplanets with habitable seas and oceans. Their heart rate slows while underwater, their skin includes a layer of blubber that retains heat, they store oxygen in their muscle tissue, and they do not suffer negative health effects from pressure changes. Additionally, their eyes have nictitating membranes and their corneas adjust to counter underwater refraction. Their hands and feet are webbed and they possess a transgenic swim bladder for controlling buoyancy. They can safely descend to about 200 meters depth (roughly 6 atmospheres of pressure) without suffering narcotic effects or other diving problems. Thousands live on Earth, many near the Elandra sea habitat.


Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack

Attribute Modifiers

ST+1 10; DX+1 20; HT+1 10.

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers

+3 FP 9.


Amphibious 10; Combat Reflexes 15; Doesn’t Breathe (Gills, -50%) 10; Doesn’t Breathe (Oxygen Storage, 100 times, -30%) 14; Nictitating Membrane 1 1; Pressure Support 1 5; Resistant to Disease (+8) 5; Temperature Tolerance (Cold) 1 1




Smooth gray, mottled, or black skin; webbed fingers and toes.


73 CP. $115k.



The difficulties in water life lie in preventing heat loss caused by the blood-rich gill membranes being in contact with the water, and in avoiding dehydration by osmosis from the cells. This requires significant changes to the human biochemistry, slowing down the metabolism to reduce body temperature and adjusting tissue salinity. Mermaids can be designed for any particular water salinity, but individuals cannot safely migrate between fresh and salt water.


Add Enhanced Move 1 (Water Speed 10) 20; Teeth (Sharp Teeth) 1, upgrade Temperature Tolerance 2 2; Scanning Sense (Sonar) 20; Cold-Blooded (50 degrees) [-5]; Unusual Biochemistry [-5]; Weakness (Immersion in water of “wrong” salinity, 1d per 30 minutes) [-5]; Unnatural Features 2 [-2].


99 CP. $155k.


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