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  • Lekeekh

    Lekeekh is insatiably curious about the players, their mission, their clothes, their equipment, and especially any metal items they carry. He has two wives and 14 children.

  • Akhan

    Akhan is shrewd, powerful, and charismatic. He carries a black and red striped rod that is the tank command key. It will allow anyone who possesses it to touch the tank without activating the defense barrier and it allows the person to operate the …

  • Chulak

    Chulak is angry, bitter, fearless, and has a touchy sense of honor. He will be openly contemptuous of the players. He will not insult them, but if offended he will attack quickly.

  • Rokakar

    Rokakar has three wives and 16 children of various ages. He will respect the players for their power, but will attack them if he feels it is necessary.

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