Throm the Banished

Ul-Mor Outcast


RW 45
M 45
PS 2
IM 5
RS 50
STA 40

Armed with a spear.


“I was once a powerful Ul-Mor, who stole many things from our enemies and divided these things many ways. My fellows envied me, and indeed, I believed they had reason to do so. I had been chosen as the tribe’s next leader, and this made me feel as though no risk were too great for me to take. But, alas, the One will not tolerate such foolishness.

I was riding herd on a large flock of kwidges when a burrower snake startled them, and they stampeded. Many of the kwidges ran under my loper; alas, I was not quick enough to control the noble beast. Left solely to his own direction, my loper panicked and ran into the tribe’s egg cache, destroying several of our young. The elders immediately banished me, forever denying me the rights of an Ul-Mor.

Since that time I have wandered these caverns, where I have learned the secret of joining the One without the cold sleep. Perhaps the One has sent you to me, so that I may redeem myself by showing you his secret."

Throm is slightly deranged, and believes the mutating fungus on the island is the key to eternal life. He will make every effort to convince the characters to go to the island, and will not speak of anything else. He does not desire to leave, and could not remember the way out of the caverns if he did. He does remember that his loper wandered off and joined the One some time ago.

Throm the Banished

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