Human Freemerchant


STR/STA: 50/50
DEX/RS: 65/70
INT/LOG: 40/40
PER/LDR: 40/40
PS 3
IM 7
RW: 33
M: 33

Weapons: Laser pistol

Abilities: Ambidextrous

Skills: Technical, computer operation, engineering (robotics), Navigation, Astrogation



Max was born in the Valentitia City Complex on Mars. After his education in the Mars center for children he was apprenticed to a relative in the shipping trade as a cargo officer ensign and pilot trainee. He completed courses for a degree in science and astrophysics from the University of Noctis-Qianjiao and served as master-assistant on three freemerchant vessels during his training period.

Max holds master and owner status aboard the VSS Last Legs with private registry to Mars. He also has clearance for an exploration trip into Sundown.

Max is ambitious and eager, but neither brave or smart. Max will fight when forced to, but will negotiate or bargain whenever possible.


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